Katrien (38)

Founder and owner

I am a mom of 2 little boys with a passion for surfing and the ocean. I started surfing 13 years ago at the age of 25 in Portugal and fell in love with the sport.  Since then I was totally hooked, trying to surf whenever and where ever I could.  When I started Chicks On Waves 8 years ago,  I wanted to get more girls in the water. Because everyone can learn to surf!  Living in Portugal is just great: the sun is out 300 days per year, almost always a wave to surf and Portugese people are lovely.

Chrissy (30)

Surf coach

I am from the land of the ice and snow, where the midnight sub and the hot springs flow. I started surfing here when I was about 17 and just fell head over heals with surfing. It was my first true love. I started traveling and working around the world. Started teaching surf in Vicco, Australia at a surf camp for kids in 2008, then ended up in Portugal 4 years ago. This is my 3rd year working together with Chicks On Waves for Freeride. It’s just such a pleasure and I look forward every day to go to the ‘office’ .

Tatiana (26)

Surf coach

Born and raised in the Algarve, Tatiana always has been near the ocean and in the water. For years she has been working as a lifeguard on the South-West Algarve beaches. Windsurfing, bodyboarding, and eventually she became great at surfing. As of her passion for surfing, she’s still spending her time on the beautiful Algarve beaches, but switched to being a surf instructor. Which she enjoys a lot! Tatiana is a very good teacher with a great sense of humor, so you will have fun for sure!

Andreia (29)

Surf coach

Living and enjoying her life in the Algarve, Andreia originally is from Porto, the North of Portugal. Surfing is her life, whenever she is able, she’s in the water. Andreia has great skills and is a very talented surfer. And she is a real champ! Besides she is a fun girl, she is competing a lot, winning many prices. Andreia loves her job, teaching young and old to surf. She’s a great teacher from who you’ll definately learn the skills. Which most importantly is to have fun!


Chef (Swiss)

Our lovely Chef cook makes delicious and healthy food with fresh and local products carefully chosen from the market every day. She is a passionate surfer and lives since many years in the Algarve.

Camilla (40)

Yoga instructor ( English)

Meet Camilla, our beautiful Yogi. She has lived in the Algarve for many years together with her daughter Isabella. Next to being a dedicated yoga teacher for ChicksOnWaves, she also loves being your guide for a walking tour in the area.

Harmke (26)

Yoga instructor (Dutch)

Our youngest crew member but an old soul. Harmke teaches yoga now for a few years and is a great teacher. Besides yoga she loves to surf and enjoy nature.