Founder and owner

I am a mom of 2 little boys with a passion for surfing and the ocean. I started surfing 13 years ago at the age of 25 in Portugal and fell in love with the sport.  Since then I was totally hooked, trying to surf whenever and where ever I could.  When I started Chicks On Waves 8 years ago,  I wanted to get more girls in the water. Because everyone can learn to surf!  Living in Portugal is just great: the sun is out 300 days per year, almost always a wave to surf and Portugese people are lovely.



Anina is our lovely chef and will serve you delicious and healthy food with fresh and local products carefully chosen from the market every day. She is also a passionate surfer. She’s originally from Switzerland.


Massage therapist

Hello and welcome! I am Aude, a licenced massage therapist with 5 years of experience.I have always had a passion for natural healing and massage has always been one of the most natural and instinctive ways to relieve pain and discomfort.
Massage is also one of the best preventive medicines there is. My approach to massage is very holistic and to an extent spiritual and emotional as well.I believe that as a therapist , i am here to help people feel good inside and out. My mission is to bring the highest quality of care and healing to each massage session.I give ayurvedic massage, dynamic thai massage or a combination of both.


Yoga teacher

I have always been a traveler and a seeker, my life adventure brought me to this beautiful corner of Portugal 5 years ago and I never left since. I see life as a never-ending cycle and yoga helps me find the connection with myself, my body, and my mind again and again. Passionate about continuously learning, creativity is what fuels me. The more I explore and learn, the more I am able to share. My goal is to bring the ancient wisdom of Yoga into a modern tangible language that everyone can access and embody within their lives to gain a better state of mind & body well-being. I teach Hatha Yoga Flow and Restorative and I also surf, so rest assured I will get you ready to jump on the board and catch those waves! My classes are carefully sequenced and alignment-based. Gently challenging and deeply nourishing. I invite you to listen to your body and move with the breath to flow with ease and grace through the different postures and the challenges life throws at us.


Surf coach

I’m Isabelle, I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve been coming to Portugal since I was young to visit my grandma who lives in the Algarve. Here is also where I took my first surf lesson many years ago and I was hooked from day one. After I finished school I went to Indonesia to become a surf coach and after I worked in Spain, Panama and Portugal teaching people how to ride waves. My favourite thing about surf coaching is the smile it puts on people their faces when they catch their first wave. Since surfing is still a very male dominated sport and I often find myself being the only girl in the water. I love the concept and working for Chicks on Waves, motivating and teaching other women how to have fun in the waves with me.


Surf coach

I’m Ines, a 27 year old Portuguese surf chick. I don’t really know when my passion for surfing started, but since I remember I was always in the water I hope I will never leave it. Surfing has given me so much, friends, beautiful places, amazing adventures and a love for life that I can only compare to the love for being alive! Being a surf instructor is a lot more than teaching you how to surf.. I feel like I am doing much more than only that. Learn about life with waves, the struggle, the hard work, the persistence, the frustration 🙂 But also.. The simplicity, the pleasure, the happiness and the fun! It will always be about the fun. Life and surf! Make it fun.