8 ways to keep surf sane while land locked

While we are all trying our best to help healthcare professionals by staying at home and avoiding social contact, being landlocked is slowly starting to weight on all of us.
The freedom of hitting the surf whenever we want, whether conditions are big or small, glassy or windy, has been taken away from us and honestly, it’s starting to hurt.
Of course, it’s worth the wait, once we’ll be allowed on beaches and in the waves again, it is going to be magical. I don’t think anyone will be picky over conditions for a while.
But for now how can we keep surf sane (and surf fit) during lockdown?

1. Use your love for the ocean in another way
Let your creative juices flow freely, do whatever rocks your boat… Drawing, painting, decorating your surfboards, sewing a beach bag or new bikini, repurpose some old towels into a new changing poncho, …

2. Give your surfboards some TLC

Take off old wax, check for dings and repair if needed, give your boards a thorough clean and some fresh wax. You might even want to give them some new graphics with waterproof pens. You’ll have a new board again!

3. Decorate your living space

Dreaming away of spending time in a beach shack, or at the One Life Lodge?
Use this time to make a mood board in real life or on Pinterest – Lodge Inspiration – and use ideas to redecorate your living space. Why not order some prints of your last surf trips to frame and hang on the wall, making the wait a little more bearable? Maybe this is the perfect time to de-clutter. A fresh living space will make you feel renewed, like you are on holiday.

4. Keep up your surf fitness

Once beaches open again, we want to hit it hard. It would be a shame to lose out on waves because we sat still for too long. So, how do you like to keep fit? Do you prefer long runs, HIIT, a vigorous vinyasa or weights? We’ve got a few options for you!

  • Check our Instagram for 2 live yoga sessions a week with our very own Lucia. Every Wednesday and Saturday she’ll go live on our Instagram @chicksonwaves.
  • Or, try some specific workouts by Kinetic Ability over on their Youtube Channel.
  • Surfgirl Magazine also has some great surf specific workouts on their Youtube Channel


5. Start planning your surf trip for next year

We hope being landlocked with travel restrictions won’t stick around forever.
Now might be a great time to start planning ahead. To adapt to the current situation, we have decided to open up throughout next winter. There are some good priced flights out there during December/January/February, a lovely time to catch some winter sun away from the crowds.

6. Make your favourite surf trip recipe

If you’ve been to Chicks on Waves in the past, you’ll know how talented the chefs at One Life Lodge are. Every time they produce amazingly healthy and delicious meals to make you and your belly happy. Why not try some of these recipes at home?


Ripe mango

Red pepper

Black beans


Red onion



Chili powder 

Olive oil




Ripe banans

Peanut butter

Rice milk




7. Watch your favourite surf film

Bethany Hamilton’s inspiring story ‘Unstoppable’ is now available on Netflix. Another surf inspired film is ‘Given’ about a family travelling and surfing with their little boy. Then there is ‘Guachos del Mar’ who have a few dreamy films about their surf travels through South America (be warned, you are going to want to buy a plane ticket!). ‘Steer With Your Heart: A film from the voyage of Swell with Liz Clark’ will get you dreaming of selling up and sailing the oceans. There are plenty of amazing female powered surf films around. Some of our favourites: Leave a Message, Alternativa, From 0 to 100 with Lakey Peterson, …


Make sure to check out https://lockdownsurffilmfestival.com/, it is a rolling online surf film festival with continuing new releases to stream online.

Laura Enever is due to launch her film ‘Undone’ about her career switch from WSL touring to big wave surfing to a global audience on May 15th.
You can sign up for updates here.

Finally, there are many beautifully made short films available to watch on www.womenssurffilmfestival.com/


8. If all else fails… use your imagination to still surf, but on dry land

Here’s some inspiration from Jamie O Brien

Best Tarp Surfing Session Ever by Jamie O Brien

Or check out @rebekah_mermaid’s Instagram for some more inspiration on how to get your surf fix without entering the ocean.


Hope this gives you a little inspiration to make this time away from the water a little more bearable. Got any great ideas? Share them with us on our Instagram @chicksonwaves.

Stay safe!