Your First Chicks On Waves Experience: What To Expect!

Is this your first Chicks on Waves experience? 

…Here’s what you can expect!


Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into the world of surfing or an advanced intermediate looking to fine-tune your technique, Chicks on Waves offers an incredible opportunity for women to connect, learn, and most importantly, have an absolute blast in the water.



  • Discover the first steps
  • Learn how to paddle
  • Gage how to read the ocean
  • Stand up in white waves!
  • Enjoy the ride!


For those just starting their surfing journey, we’ll guide you through the basics – from learning how to paddle to understanding the rhythm of the ocean. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself confidently standing up in those exhilarating white waves, ready to ride the excitement!



You can stand up consistently in white water and are ready to catch green waves! Now get ready to:

  • Learn how to read waves
  • Discover where to paddle out
  • Learn how to position yourself
  • Get all the info you need to make catching waves easier


If you’re an improver, you’re already familiar with the thrill of catching waves, but now it’s time to dive deeper. Our program will help you master wave reading, find the perfect paddle-out spot, and position yourself strategically for epic rides. All the insider knowledge you need to make wave-catching a breeze.



You’ve surfed for many years and can catch green waves by yourself! Now it’s your chance to:  

  • Gain more confidence
  • Get tips from our coaches and paddle out with them
  • Catch even more waves!
  • Learn to bottom turn and trim along the side of the wave


Intermediate surfers, you’re in for a treat! With your green wave skills in the bag, it’s time to boost your confidence, pick up invaluable tips from our experienced coaches, and paddle out alongside them to make those wave counts soar. You’ll even delve into advanced techniques like the bottom turn and trimming along the wave’s edge.


Advanced Intermediates 

You surf well but want to improve your technique!

  • Get exclusive video coaching
  • Surf-skate training
  • Step up your game through personalised, 1:1 sessions!


And for the advanced intermediates who surf like pros but crave that extra edge, we offer exclusive video coaching, surf-skate training, and personalised 1:1 sessions to help you step up your game even further.



“An amazing space for women to connect”


At Chicks on Waves, we’re not just about mastering the art of surfing; we’re all about having a blast while doing it. Our priority is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe throughout their journey, no matter their skill level. By the end of the week, it’s not just about standing up on a board; it’s about leaving with the biggest, most authentic smile on your face, knowing you’ve had the time of your life. That’s what makes our surf experience truly priceless!