What is the food like on a chicks on waves retreat

Unless you’re a real foodie, vegetarian or maybe a fussy eater, chances are you haven’t really thought about food when booking your next surf destination.
If you haven’t paid much attention to your surf trip meals, it’s time to change, because it is the very thing you’ll need when planning to surf all day.
But don’t worry, you found the right place!

Not only is Chicks on Waves founder Katrien a passionate healthy food lover, she has a team of likeminded hosts and chefs behind her. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, the healthy meals will offer you all the energy you need without feeling lethargic and you’ll feel ready to take on the next surf or yoga session.

During your stay at Chicks on Waves, you can expect a healthy start to the day with a wide range of breakfast choices, from freshly made eggs and avocado to cereals, fresh fruit, different types of yoghurt, toast or fresh bread with a choice of meat/cheese or spreads.
There will be coffee, tea, juice and water to keep you refreshed.

If you are surfing, your lunch will usually be provided for you at the beach. You can look forward to a super yummy salad lovingly made by the amazing hosts in the lodge. There will be a noodle salad, buckwheat salad, Moroccan Chickpea salad, Quinoa salad and more.
After a week of surfing, yoga and healthy energy boosts, you deserve a little treat and you get to indulge in the Friday pancakes.

Many returning guests will speak of Swiss chef Anina, she’s the sweetest chef you’ll ever meet and cooks most evening meals for Chicks on Waves in the One Life Lodge.
Once dinner is served, she’ll join you at the table. I guarantee you’ll be showering her in compliments once you have tasted her magic meals.

There will be a daily soup as starter, all meals are made with fresh local produce from the market so might change slightly from week to week. Healthy doesn’t mean they can’t be hearty. The weekly menu includes a spinach & feta pasta with cabbage salad, chili con carne, a chicken or vegetarian curry and the very popular cabalhau, a favourite of many Chicks on Waves guests.

As if all this wasn’t enough, on Wednesdays founder Katrien and husband Nick will host a delightful BBQ night at the lodge. Complete with fresh fish and more mouth-watering salads.A super cosy night to share stories about your week’s adventures with fellow guests.
On Thursdays, the hosts will book the group into a local restaurant. A lovely night out for everyone to enjoy.

Rest assured, you won’t have to think about food planning and getting the cooking pans out for your whole stay. The lovely hosts will look after you, they’ll make sure you won’t go hungry and will adjust to dietary requirements when needed, so you can enjoy every moment of your surf and yoga retreat. Enough energy to hit the waves and total relaxation on the mat.

Everyone knows the way to a surfer’s heart is through its stomach. 😉