surfcamps for girls, Portugal

Start surfing at 30 plus

Think you’re too old to start surfing? We couldn’t disagree more. What is holding you back the most? Is it because you feel your physical ability isn’t up to scratch? Or you might be up for it, if only you wouldn’t have to put on those tight wetsuits…

We promise you, whatever your reason is, as soon as you catch a wave, you’ll forget all about those and feel nothing but pride for overcoming them and absolute joy from the glide.

Never before have there been so many women in the water, of all ages and shapes. The surfing world was a male dominant environment for years but there is a real change in the air at the moment. More and more women’s surf groups are popping up all over the world. Female surfers have started to connect with each other and empower one another to overcome fears and obstacles and get in the water to feel the huge positive impact of surfing on their daily lives.

Over the years we have met many women who had been dreaming of surfing for years (some had practically mind surfed since decades) before they eventually made the big step to learn to surf. We heard many reasons that held these lovely ladies back from hitting the waves, although eventually they built up the courage  to overcome them and they are now totally living for surfing. All speak of how surfing boosted their confidence and happiness.

We believe it’s never too late to take up surfing. Whatever your physical fitness. Yes, surfing can be intensive, and you’ll learn about muscles you never even felt before, but at the same time it is a low impact sport. When you choose the right conditions, it will be more relaxing than a work-out. You can build up your endurance and muscle strength slowly. While professional surfers will have personal trainers pushing them while on dry land, for most surfers from beginners to the seasoned surfer, the best way to get fitter for surfing is by, you guessed it, just surfing. (Of course, swimming can be a great exercise and will help you with your confidence in the water and yoga with core strength and flexibility.) Injuries are not very common, unlike other sports like running, skiing, … So, don’t let your fitness level hold you back from getting into the water.

An advantage of learning to surf when you are let’s call it ‘more experienced in life’, is just that. Your experience is likely to make you more determined once you
put your mind to it. You know yourself better than you did in your early 20’s, you have a clearer view on your own limits and naturally respect them and expect others to respect them too. You’re not intimidated as easily and will not give up as easily as you might have done 10 or 15 years ago. Most of you have dealt with far ‘bigger things’ in life to give up a new sport straight away.

We know the ocean can be intimidating. It’s hard to read what is going on and new surf spots can be tricky to understand, even for the experienced surfer. Learning to surf in a group setting with a qualified instructor is the ideal setting. The instructor will bring the knowledge, while the group will help you feel more comfortable and you can support each other on this new journey. Even better, a women-only setting will guarantee many laughs (female jokes!) and instant connections.

The best advice comes from those we were once in your shoes, you’ll be surprised how many women over 30 learn to surf. We were amazed when we started asking around how many were well over 30, some even in their 50’s, when they got into the waves for the first time. So if you are considering taking this step, you might want to take in some of their advice:

Samantha, learnt at 38
“Surfing reminds me of the fun & adventure you get when you were a child playing outdoors, discovering new things, just being in the moment! After I come out of the water I’m buzzing! It’s been a slower process than I’d like, always picked up  new sports pretty quick but saying that I love the challenge! Don’t think I’d ever stop surfing if my body allows, I’ll be doing it when I’m 70!”

Lorna, learnt at 34
“The feeling of being able to do this on your own is empowering. I’ll never forget the first time I strapped a board to the roof of my car, made it to the beach, surfed and got home again. I felt like Wonder Woman.”

Kitt, learnt at 31 “Surfing refocuses the mind allowing nothing but that moment in time to fill your thoughts. There is no time to concern yourself with the worries on land and 90% of the time the thing that was causing you stress and anxiety is not nearly as big as that stoke of being in the ocean. You leave the waves with a fresh sense of confidence and a kick ass attitude to overcome that which was bothering you. Truly it’s pretty damn magical.”

Tracey, learnt at 34
“If you are a female person who wants to surf, I mean really wants to surf, you need to connect with other females – men are great, but they are going to get between you and your waves. Don’t assume that because they are in the water, they have a lot to teach you. Find a female guide who will teach you how to read the ocean, how to be safe, what board you need, etc – and pay them for this service. Become independent in the water as quickly as possible. Most importantly, just go for it.”

Ready to take the big leap into the ocean? Chicks on Waves offers a great setting to start your journey. Most women staying with us are in the same boat. Women from different countries, with different backgrounds, but the desire to learn to surf offers an instant connection. Many leave with a fresh mindset and outlook on their future in the ocean and will keep returning for the unique women’s surf experience.

Just remember, we are all different. Whatever way you pop up, whatever board you like to surf, whatever your ability. The best surfer is the one having most fun. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, that is all that matters!